They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
And a map? At least a thousand pictures.

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Personal Heat Maps

Create your own personal map as a kudos to yourself for the rides, runs and achievements, whether it's been over the Pandemic, a specific year or multiple years. These are custom & personal, made for you and your achievements.

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Bowmanville Maps

Our Bowmanville Map art is exclusively at Markets Ontario! 62 King Street West in Historic Downtown Bowmanville. Prints are 12"x16" and stylishly framed.

Custom Local Maps

Live in and around Ontario? A map or maps can be created for you! Just specify the town and what colour you'd like - we'll take care of the rest. Special place? Add a little

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Slippy Maps

Have a website? Want to add some to it? Happy to consult design and bring in your unique Brand.

How does all this work?

All maps are created using Open-Source Software and with Open Data. If its not Open, all credits and sources are included on the map. Prints are produced by various Ontario print shops, depending on size and type. Digital maps are created with Mapbox and work on the interwebs

  • Bowmanville Maps

    Data for the Bowmanville Maps comes from OpenStreetMap. This is our town and spend a fair amount of time contributing - providing updates to trails, buildings, roads back to this amazing community.

  • Local Maps

    The first pass for data comes from OpenStreetMap, then the research begins. Data is pulled in from Municipal and Regional Open Data Portals and determine which is the most up-to-date and identify areas that may be missing.

  • Personal Heat Maps

    This data comes from you! Strava has an archive option, this link includes all your data from all time. With this, we clean, organize and fix all your data, this process can take hours! Your data by itself is pretty awesome, but we'll add some locational context using imagery and make those hills pop with some wizardry. Finally, your killer stats are calculated and the map is dedicated to you!

  • Slippy Maps

    Also known as "Web Maps", "Interactive Maps" or "Online Maps" are of course for your website. These are developed and styled in Mapbox and complement your company brand. These can be complex with custom data or as simple as "Find us here!" Way better than a Gmap IMHO!

Always happy to chat about maps, discuss ideas and explore!

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